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Ever woken up feeling much more tired than when you went to bed? Does your bed hurt your back whenever you lay in it? Has your doctor prescribed that you seek dermatological mattresses to help you sleep better? Do you have problems with your back? The magnitude of many of these problems can be solved with a simple change in the kind of mattress that you use. While normal mattresses rely on a number of materials such as feathers and cushion fillings or sponge, the mattresses rely on synthetic material that is responsive to the needs of the user. These mattresses are elastic in nature and are designed to mould themselves around your body. This means that the user and the mattress sculpt into each other gelling with the body of the user as if he or she were born to use it. Once a person lays on it, the material instantly responds to the warmth of body heat. This reaction makes it soften and shape itself around the body of the user. The mattress will maintain this ability until the pressure point is removed, after which it will revert back to its original shape.

The reasons this ability is hailed as a game changer, arises from the fact that the changes in the shape of the mattress allows the individual to sleep in whichever way they please without worrying about stiff necks and uncomfortable pauses. In fact, the mattress accommodates the individual so that they are most comfortable. In a way, the memory foam mattresses almost guarantee a good night’s sleep.

There has been an on going discussion on whether the mattresses can be used in the treatment of people with bad backs. More than half of the experts in this field are in agreement that these mattresses can be used in treating bad backs. The memory foam mattresses mould themselves on the back helping relive the pressure points thereby giving the user a more comfortable night's sleep. While this in itself is not a treatment to the back, it is a therapeutic step that allows the back to heal from the excess pressure that may be placed on it during the day or the night. In addition, people who sleep awkwardly can get relief since the mattress tends to accommodate them during their awkward moments of sleep. As such, it is very possible that the memory foam mattresses can be used in treating the bad backs and injured spines that users may have.

The memory foam mattresses and pillows are compatible with a number of beds, which makes them very versatile. In this way, they can be used with normal beds, electrical beds and even water beds in some cases. In essence, this makes the mattresses very useful in a variety of situations and therefore much more acceptable. From comfortable sleep to treating bad backs, these mattresses are slowly cutting a niche for themselves as the epitome of comfort.

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