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The memory foam mattress was first designed in the mid-1960s with the intention being that it would be used for NASA airplane seats. The memory foam is manufactured from a substance that is called viscoelastic. The substance has a high propensity to absorb energy and it is soft in nature making it very suitable for the manufacture of cushions and mattresses. Memory foam is further hailed for its ability to molds itself in response to heat and pressure, therefore evenly distributing the body weight and accommodating the different shapes of body parts. After use, memory foam has the ability to return to its original shape as soon as the pressure on it is removed. Memory foam is one of the most comfortable mattresses that are in the market at the moment.

Once the material had been used by NASA, its applications began growing in leaps and bounds. To start with, it was used in the cushioning of helmets and shoes. The field of medicine used the same material in the manufacture of prosthetics and several products that prevent pressure ulcers for instance seating pads for people who are severely disabled. However, it is its foray into the world of pillows, mattress pads, and mattresses, which has made the memory foam more popular and usable by the general public. Memory foam mattresses can be found in different depths and densities depending on the needs of the user. The base line in all these is the fact that these mattresses are usually very soft and comfortable, helping ensure that the users enjoy their time in bed.

By accommodating the different contours on the body, memory foam reduces the probability of placing unnecessary pressure on the body and on certain sensitive body parts like the spine or the back. In fact, some medical professionals portend that it is quite possible for the mattresses to be used for therapeutic purposes in the treatment of people suffering from spine injury and back problems. With this in mind, the use of the memory foam mattresses and pillows for that matter, stops being only an exercise whose alpha and omega is comfort and ultimate relaxation, rather, it becomes a multifaceted solution to common problems. The use of memory foam marks the start of a new era in “sleep science”. It opens a new world that is guided more by the comfort of the consumer rather than the standard.

The fact that these mattresses cannot allow the formation of mildew or the accumulation of dust mites, which are usually the cause of many allergies means that they can be used by people suffering from these allergies to treat their conditions, so to speak. This means that people suffering from allergic reactions can actually use foam mattresses in a bid to reduce they severity of their conditions. Foam mattresses offer comfort. They are the perfect mattresses for a good night’s sleep as well as for resting after a long day at work.

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