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In choosing the mattress to buy, there are several factors to consider, among them the ability of the memory foam to offer exceptional comfort and support.  The other factors range from costs of the mattress, the size of the bed to the firmness of the mattress. The space where the mattress will be also matters, as one may want to improve on the size of the bed space.

To get exceptional comfort and support from the memory form mattress, one of the things to do is to choose a big mattress that could possible fit in the available bed space that you have. This is because the mattress you buy is for long term usage and not something you will be buying every month or year; therefore considering the size and taking the biggest size possible is vital not only in ensuring comfort now, but also in the future. Still in size, do not forget the dimensions of the mattress you would want to buy. Remember the larger and more spacious the size of the mattress is, the more comfortable it will be.

Another thing to consider is the thickness of the mattress you intend to buy. This is determined by the depth of the mattress and the percentage of that layer of depth that is made of memory foam. It is the percentage of this memory foam that will guarantee the maximum support. If, for instance, only a quarter of the thickness layer is of memory foam then that mattress would not be good enough. Avoid mattress stockers which cannot offer genuine support because they are too thin.

Apart from the physical features above, there are other measurements to consider when buying a mattress and these are the density and the ILD rating of the mattress to help you achieve memory foam exceptional comfort and support. Density as a measurement in this aspect is simply expressed as a weight, for example 5lb. A denser memory foam indicates that the manufacture has used more raw materials. There is 5.5lb memory foam which happens to be the most expensive as well as highest in quality; and 2.5lb memory foam which is the cheapest and lowest in quality.The highest memory foam is genuine, comfortable, lush and soft and the best to sleep on. It also lasts longer than the lower end memory foam.

The ILD feature is another important thing to look for when considering a memory foam mattress to buy. Known in full as the Indentation Load Deflection, ILD simply describes the hardness or softness of the foam. It shows the pressure that would have to be exerted on the foam in order to indent it by 25%. If the ILD rating was to be given as 10ILD, it would indicate to the buyer that it would take a pressure of 10lb to cause a 25% indent on the foam. Foam with a higher ILD is therefore firmer and hence preferred. The buyer should however take note that the measured ILD may not be as indicated because they are manufactured in bulk and an error of plus or minus two should be a problem.

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