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Make a lumpy bed a thing of the past without splashing out on a new mattress by adding a memory foam mattress topper.  A mattress topper is essentially a pad that sits directly on top of your existing mattress to add comfort and support.  It can extend the life of your mattress or just provide a touch of luxury and pleasure to your bed.


Memory foam is an incredible material.  Developed in 1966 by top NASA scientists, it was created to cushion and protect astronauts.  Eventually it was adapted for the mattress market and is now widely available in the form of mattresses, mattress toppers and pillows.  The key to its success is its ability to mould to the body.  It reacts to body weight and heat by compressing and supporting the body.  When the weight is removed, it springs back into shape ready for the next time it is used.  Because of the way it moulds, it avoids the pressure points that are associated with sprung mattresses.  It creates perfect comfort and support no matter what position the body it in.  It also treats each body in the bed as an individual, so it prevents you rolling into the middle of the bed and being bounced about when your partner rolls over.


Memory foam mattresses provide the ultimate in comfort, but a memory foam mattress topper can add much needed support and aid a peaceful night’s sleep.  Back pain can be aggravated by a bad mattress, and all manner of aches and pains can be caused by a lumpy, unsupported mattress.  By adding a mattress topper, not only will your comfort be increased by the extra support for your back, it will also improve your health and well being.


Mattress toppers come in different thicknesses to cater for all budgets and personal preferences.  Our 1 and 2 inch toppers are ideal for occasional use.  Because of their relative thinness, they can easily be stored, even vacuum packed, and brought out when needed.  They can add a welcomed layer of comfort on a sofa bed mattress or guest bed.  Our 3 and 4 inch toppers are a great choice for everyday use.  The 4 inch topper is the ultimate in luxury and gives you a fantastic ‘Princess and the Pea’ feeling with the added depth to your mattress.  Whichever memory foam topper you choose, you can be safe in the knowledge that our toppers come with a 10-year guarantee, which should guarantee you many hours of blissful sleep.


If you can’t yet afford one of our full memory foam mattresses, you can further enhance the benefits of foam toppers by replacing your old pillows with our memory foam pillows. They help provide the perfect support for heads and necks, making sure that important spine position is maintained, and if your partner is a snorer – try one! You’ll be amazed at the difference it could make.

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