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Bedtime should be a relaxing phase of the day, providing you with calm and comfort in your last few minutes before sleep. But an enjoyable bedtime is about much more than just feeling cosy as you bed down – it’s also important to make sure that your body is in a comfortable position to avoid aches, pains and stiffness when you eventually awake. Too many people wake up feeling stiff and sore in the mornings, and in most cases this comes as a direct result of an uncomfortable or unsuitable mattress. Memory foam completely eradicates this risk, and leaves you feeling much more prepared for the day ahead.


But how has memory foam come to be such a prolific player in the world of mattresses, and why is it so clearly superior to other types of bedding?

The Story of Memory Foam

Memory foam was initially created for its unparalleled absorption properties. In the 60s, the technology was built and developed by scientists at NASA, with a view to helping provide shock absorption for space craft during take off and landing. While the technology works wonders in space applications, it was made commercially available in the late 80s and really started to hit the market by storm in the 90s. Today, it remains an increasingly popular option as more and more people hear about memory foam and the advantages it can deliver for your sleep.


Memory foam mattresses are replacing sprung mattresses right across the country and indeed the world. But why is it that memory foam mattresses are so much better?

Why Memory Foam Is Better

Memory foam is better than regular mattresses because they provide greater distribution of weight and allow your body to be spread much more evenly across the surface. This in turn results in a better distribution of the pressures and strains that occur during sleep. Rather than lying on top of the mattress, memory foam sinks in to absorb your body weight in a way that is much more conducive to good, healthy sleep. And with no pressure on your joints, it won’t leave you feeling stiff and awkward the next day.

Love Your Bedtime


Bedtime should be a joy for everyone, and the perfect chance to unwind and prepare for the day to come. It shouldn’t be a mission to get yourself off to sleep, and if you wake up with that stiff feeling in your neck and back in the morning, it could well be time for a change. Even if you don’t feel awkward in the morning, you should still consider making the switch for a mattress that is much more readily designed to meet your needs.

A memory foam mattress can revolutionise your sleeping time, and leave you feeling like you can’t wait to get back to bed. If this is the feeling you’re looking for, why not check out our full range of memory foam products today, all with swift delivery to locations nationwide.

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