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Long gone are the days where a new sprung mattress was considered the pinnacle of comfort. Today, an ever-increasing band of people worldwide are switching on to memory foam and the benefits it can bring over regular mattress products. Those that do make the switch seldom look back or wish they’d chosen a more traditional mattress, and the benefits that can come from a memory foam mattress are significant by comparison.

If you are in the position of considering an upgrade to your mattress, there’s no point in suffering for less and going for something that isn’t quite up to the job. With one of our memory foam mattresses, you can be sure to gain a better night’s sleep and a more comfortable bed – both of which are conducive to more relaxing downtime.

But how do our memory foam mattresses compare directly with the sprung versions we’re all familiar with, and why should you consider memory foam for your next upgrade?

Why Sprung Mattresses Can Make You Feel Worse

Sprung mattresses have been popular for what seems like forever, and almost everyone can relate to the feeling of sleeping in a sprung mattress. In fact, chances are you slept on a sprung mattress last night, such is the prevalence of mattresses of this style. But while these have grown to be accepted as the norm, they are not always necessarily the best thing for getting a good night’s sleep.

Springs support your weight by coiling, and they consistently press upwards, creating tension points around key joints and bones. This can cause aches, pains and stiffness in the morning, and can leave you feeling much worse in the mornings than you’d like. And for those of us with busy lives, this is the last thing we need to make our day more stressful! With memory foam, however, the difference is like night and day.

Why Memory Foam Mattresses Are Better

Memory foam mattresses don’t have the same properties as regular mattresses when it comes to supporting and improving the quality of your sleep. Their unique cellular properties collapse underneath the body to spread the impact of your weight and leave you feeling much more supported as you sleep. Rather than creating points of tension around the joints, memory foam nestles the body in the most effective way to ensure that you are left feeling much more comfortable and ready for action.

Quality Memory Foam At Affordable Prices

We pride ourselves on delivering excellent value for money, and all our mattresses are as competitively prices as possible to ensure our customers get the most out of their purchase. Our mattresses are designed to last, and as a result those that consider one of our many different lines can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a high quality mattress product. Whatever your individual preferences, whichever style of mattress you choose, there’s no reason to settle for second best with our top-quality memory foam mattresses.

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