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When you think about your bed there is a good chance that you think about comfort, relaxation and just a generally nice place to be.  If you have a traditionally sprung mattress, then those thoughts could be completely an utterly changed if you were to upgrade to a memory foam mattress.  Those levels of comfort and relaxation could be increased dramatically, and you could turn your bed from a nice place to be to an absolutely heavenly place to be.  The blissful comfort that you could be having, especially in comparison to your old mattress, is so fantastic that you simply have to try it to believe it – and once you’ve tried it you will wonder how you ever managed to sleep on your old mattress as it will look so unbelievably uncomfortable in comparison.

In fact, many people are probably aware that their current traditionally sprung mattress is not that comfortable, with all the lumps and bumps as well as the sagginess that develops over time.  So if you are considering replacing your current mattress in order to get something more comfortable, then you know what to get.  If you are someone that isn’t aware of just how uncomfortable your mattress is in comparison to one that is made using memory foam, then that is quite understandable, as it is hard to imagine the level of comfort that this superb material provides, as soon as you try it you will know just what you have been missing out on.  The reason for this difference in comfort is simple – it is all down to the way in which the different mattresses are designed and made.  With a traditionally sprung mattress, the surface that you sleep on is supported by many different springs, this means that a large degree of rigidity is required to hold and support you as well.  So, whilst it may seem quite comfortable at first, aches and pains can easily develop in your joints, your back and spine, and basically throughout your body.  The reason for this is simple, our bodies are not a simple flat shape, instead, there are many contours, particularly where the joints occur; a traditionally sprung mattress only offer support to these pressure points, which means you get aches and pains in these places.  It also means that aches and pains can develop in other areas which are not supported as they twist and become unaligned as a result.

Memory foam doesn’t have this problem as the material actually moulds to the contours of your body as you lie on in, which gives a feeling like your whole body shape is gently being hugged by the mattress.  Besides the phenomenal feeling of comfort from the moment you lie down, you are also provided with a fantastic feeling of total body support, which means you don’t get those aches and pains, but instead you feel unbelievably comfort from the minute you lie down to the minute you get up, and beyond.

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