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Your bed should be one of the most comfortable things that you own and should provide you with all the support and comfort that you need to help you feel refreshed and fantastic when you wake up.  However, plenty of people are doing themselves a disservice by causing themselves and their bodies unnecessary aches and pains when they sleep due to the fact that their mattress is so uncomfortable and unsuitable.  Even if you follow the advice that suggests replacing your old traditionally sprung mattresses at least every ten years, this may not be enough as younger mattresses can still be old before their time and reach the end of their lives a lot sooner than the suggested ten years – it could be that they become saggy or lumpy and are unfit for purpose.  Even if they still have a good life on them and are as good as new, they are very unlikely to come close to the true comfort that is can be had thanks to the joys of memory foam which can be used for mattresses, mattress toppers and even pillows.  However you wish to use it for you sleeping needs, it is sure to provide exquisite comfort and is even excellent at providing pain relieving support.

The comfort and pain relieving support pretty much go hand in hand with this wonderful material thanks to the way in which the material work.  It differs completely to the support provided by traditionally sprung mattress which offer uneven support along the body which results in aches and pains because of the extra stress caused to some areas of the body, or the lack of support to the rest of the body.  Memory foam, however, is able to combat this uneven level of support by cleverly moulding itself to the contours of your body to provide a whole body level of support.  This means that the extra stress that can affect your joints -such as the hips, shoulder and knees - as well as the lack of adequate support to the spine that can cause neck and back pains, simply does not occur.  Instead your body is properly aligned and these aches and pains are not only prevented, but the whole support that your body receives allows you and your muscles and joints to properly relax helping to alleviate existing aches and pains.

The level of comfort and pain relieving support that is on offer thank to this wonderful material is thanks to the geniuses at NASA who were the original developers of memory foam back in the sixties.  Thanks to their innovation, mattress makers found the perfect use for this material and the world was able to discover this revolutionary material and what a difference it can make to the way that we sleep.  Since then, it has become more and more popular which has helped to lower the cost of it so it is now the affordable and perfect choice for everyone when it comes to choosing a mattress, a mattress topper or a pillow.

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