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We thought we would help you sleep better by exposing some of the lies behind these common sleep myths.

  • Catching up on Zzzzz’s

Myth: You can catch up on sleep by sleeping in on the weekends to make up for lost sleep in the week
Truth: It's tempting to sleep late on weekends, but it's important to keep a regular sleep schedule seven days a week. A regular bedtime and waking time will help you fall asleep at night.

  • Evening workouts

Myth: A good work out in the evening will make you more tired so you’ll fall asleep faster
Truth: Exercising regularly does make it easier to fall asleep. But it is easier to fall asleep if your body is at a cooler temperature, exercise raises your body temperature and it takes about six hours to get back to normal temperature. So you should really exercise at least six hours before bedtime.

  • Older people

Myth: Older people need less sleep
Truth: They still need the same amount of sleep as all people—seven to nine hours a day. It's their sleep patterns that change as they tend to sleep more during the day with small naps.

  • Brain rest

Myth: Sleep is needed for your brain to rest
Truth: Sleep is definitely needed but it is not your brain that needs to rest it’s your body. Your brain is still working whilst you’re asleep controlling bodily functions such as breathing.

  • Falling back asleep

Myth: If you wake up in the middle of the night it’s best to lie still and try to fall back to sleep
Truth: If you can't fall back asleep within 15-20 minutes it is best to get out of bed. Go to another room and do something relaxing, like listening to music or reading. If you lie there stressing out about falling back asleep, you'll only get more anxious and end up not falling back to sleep.

  • Your bedroom

Myth: It’s good to spend time in your bedroom at night before you go to sleep as it gets you “ready” to fall asleep
Truth: The more activities you associate with your bedroom like watching TV, or working on your computer the harder it may be to fall asleep there when you want to. 

  • Temperature

Myth: Snuggling up under heavy blankets will make you go to sleep faster
Truth: The body gets into sleep mode more easily when it is at a cooler temperature. So if you must use a thick quilt or heavy blanket as a comforter then simply open the window a little to let in some fresh air.

  • Alcohol

Myth: A nice glass of wine will help you calm down and put you to sleep faster
Truth: While drinking alcohol may make you tired and put you to sleep faster, you will end up having fragmented sleep and waking up during the night.

Now we have put some of the most common sleep myths to bed for you we hope you should now be going to bed with ease. 

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