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Do you have an existing medical problem that causes you to have uncomfortable nights’ sleep? Or do you have a mattress but now find it’s a bit too firm or uncomfortable for your liking? If you answered “Yes” to either of these scenarios, then a memory foam mattress topper may be for you. Here at Hypnia, we want our customers to select the correct product that suit their needs, so if you are looking to buy a new topper, but are unsure of what depth to go for, read on as we explain the various benefits of each depth.




1 Inch Depth

A 1 inch depth topper might not sound much, but if you a particularly firm mattress, this little gem will work wonders and will soften your sleeping experience by quite an unexpected degree.  If you happen to have a campervan/motorhome or caravan, a 1 inch topper will come into its own as it will enable you to have a comfortable night but if you have to sleep on multiple cushions, the topper will stop them from moving in the night and prevent you from falling through the middle.

2 Inch Depth

Similarly to the 1 inch topper, the 2 inch can be used when out and about in a camper/caravan as this is also easily rolled and stored away.  If you are looking to use this in home setting; we would recommend a 2 inch if you have a new or older mattress that is still in good condition but you no longer find it comfortable or if you have a very minor back issue.

3 Inch Depth

Moving away from the portable depths of topper, the 3 inch is primarily suited to stay in situ on your mattress at home as this would be rather difficult to roll up and store away. We usually advise customers who come to us with various chronic back problems to consider this depth. We have found that 3 inches of memory foam is the optimum amount to help alleviate any existing back issues and have repeatedly received good feedback from customers who have bought this depth. Also the 3 inch depth provides a comfortable sleeping surface whilst offering you the much needed support your body requires.

4 Inch Depth

The 4 inch is as far as we go here at Hypnia. Not usually recommended to individuals who are looking for an extra bit of comfort as you may find this way too much and this could actually cause you have back ache due to the amount of memory foam and the subsequent soft feeling that this would give. This depth is aimed at the few people who have a specific and often medical based need and if you are unsure, we would always recommend consulting your GP before placing an order with us.


We hope this has shed some light on the benefits of each depth of Memory Foam Toppers that we offer here at Hypnia.

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