Memory Foam Mattresses In Gloucester

Thanks to its position on the River Severn close to the Welsh border, Gloucester has become a popular destination for city breaks. Tourists come to find out more about the city’s Roman history and because of its easily reached location.

Housed in a warehouse with three storeys of displays and artefacts dating as far back as ancient civilizations, the Gloucester Waterways Museum is a beautiful place to visit. The Llanthony Yard is an attraction in the museum and this is popular place to bring the children for a day out. Alternatively head over to the Gloucester City Museum and Art Gallery which was renovated and refurnished at a cost of nearly a million pounds. An imposing structure in the heart of the city, this Museum now features a variety of artworks.

Now a major excavation site, the City Eastgate once was a premier fortress and a secret washing and battle preparation site during the Roman Era. Today, you can go deep down into the structure and rediscover the base of a 13th century fort and the Tudor horse-pool meant to tend to wagons. This attraction is perfect for history lovers.

A complete family entertainment centre with activities and attractions for all age groups, the Gloucester Quays is a prominent mall situated in downtown Gloucester. It houses several designer and branded stores, theatres and movie complexes and also the Waterways Museum, but the city is also home to a number of architecturally important buildings. Gloucester Cathedral was used as a backdrop while filming major part of the Harry Potter series. It is thus a must-visit site for Potter-fans around the world but it is also worth a look for the beautiful design and structure of the building.

Another beautiful museum is the Gloucester Folk Museum which is a great place to find out more about the traditions and heritage of the area. Major attractions within the museum are the Folk Tea Rooms, Folk Boutique and the Ed Shed Victorian classroom.

The romantic waterways along the city can be explored to perfection using Gloucester’s Cruises that move along the River Severn slowly allowing you to catch a glimpse of the marvellous skyline and the beautiful countryside. These cruises are popular with locals and tourists alike.

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