Memory Foam Mattresses In Ayr

Nestled in the south-west coast of Scotland, Ayr in South Ayrshire is one of the most beautiful and romantic areas of the country, with something to delight visitors of all types. The air in Ayr is fresh and bracing, and few things are more enjoyable than simply getting out of the house and exploring the stunning landscape and dramatic coastlines which make up this part of the world. From rolling hills, mountains in the distance and long, ragged, rocky beaches and cliffs, it is difficult not to be seduced by this beautiful town and the land that surrounds it. No wonder it attracts thousands of visitors each year – here is Scotland at its most authentic and attractive.

For history lovers, Ayr is a real treat to the senses, and an informative and fascinating town to visit. Of all the landmarks in this historic town, the most impressive and beautiful is surely the 18th century Culzean Castle, an elegant and highly decorative example of period architecture with expansive grounds that cover 563 acres and include sculpture gardens, ornamental ponds and some beautiful examples of Georgian garden design. To walk around the grounds of Culzean Castle is to step back in time to a more decadent age, and the pagodas and parks, as well as the cliff side which offers unrivalled views of the coast and sea will lull you into a state of true relaxation and fascination. Within the castle, you can see armour from the 18th century, paintings, tapestries and a huge range of elegant and beautiful original furnishings.

For people with a passion for poetry, the Robert Burns Heritage Park is an unmissable dedication to Scotland's most loved wordsmith. Here, you can see the poet's cottage and birthplace, and learn all about the man's life and works in beautiful and utterly relaxing settings. Of course, the real pull of Ayrshire is the beach, which offers everything from dramatic rocky cliffs, to long stretches of sandy and rocky beaches. It isn't unusual to see a wide range of local wildlife here, from seals and whales, to a lot of wading birds. You can even try your hand at windsurfing on the waves, if you can bear the cold water!

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