Memory Foam Mattresses In Basildon

Essex contains some of the best landscapes and natural areas of beauty in the UK, as well as some towns and cities offering all you could want for a day or night out. Basildon is one such town, which has not only plenty of excellent bars and pubs for your relaxation, but plenty of excellent local and international restaurants where you can catch up with friends or spend an evening sampling superb food in beautiful surroundings. Basildon also has plenty of attractions to visit, and regularly draws large crowds to its unique visitor sites, such as the Battlesbridge antiques centre, a large centre made up of five historic buildings including an old granary and haybarn, attractively situated on the banks of the river. Whether you are an antiques expert or not, and whether or not you really wish to purchase anything, everyone can enjoy the sights and treasures to be found in this shop, which is more like a museum in many ways. Indeed, the centre contains genuine museums featuring antique motorcycles and engines, and a genuine Victorian penny arcade which is utterly charming and fun for all the family.

For more Victorian charm, the Cater Museum on the high street is an unmissable piece of local history. Laid out in several fascinating themed rooms, you can see how people used to live in Victorian elegance, with real furnishings and plenty of information for interested visitors. For the kids, there is always the Barleylands Farm, a working farm and visitor centre where children can visit some lovely farm animals, help feed them and learn about traditional British farming methods in a fun and safe environment. If you're longing to get out into the fresh air, Basildon has plenty of attractions outside. One of the best is Gloucester Park, a large expanse of green space which not only has a lake full of wild geese and other wetland birds, but a fully functioning sports centre where you can play a round of tennis, enjoy watching the cricket team or many, many other sporting events. There is also the Wat Tyler park, named after Britain's famous revolutionary who led the medieval peasants' revolt. Here you can see plenty of rare wild species of animals, birds and insects, or spend the afternoon checking out the miniature railway!

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