Memory Foam Mattresses In Battle

Britain is a country with a richness of history and heritage that could rival and probably beat any other place on earth. We have a connection with our past which is fundamental to our culture, and stays alive through our studies of historic events, our traditions and way of life. We all learn about the Battle of Hastings at high school, and any school child can tell you that in 1066, William the Conqueror of the Normans defeated Harold Godwinson due to their superior weaponry and military tactics. This event was the definitive turning point in British history, when countries began to be united, our royal line was established and many of our laws and traditions were set in place. What better way than exploring this important part of our heritage is there than exploring the place where it all happened? The town depicted by the Bayeux Tapestry, where the battle of Hastings went down in history? The town of Battle is a fascinating place to visit, not just because of the famous event which occurred there, but also because of the stunning Sussex countryside it is located in the middle of.

The high street of Battle is a perfect example of British quaintness and eccentricity, with plenty of winding 'twittens' of passageways leading off into corners displaying historic pubs and antique shops. The centre is full of real, unique gems – from cafes to small art galleries and attractions of all types, it is little wonder people return to Battle again and again to get away from the hubbub and chaos of London! If you are into walking and getting some fresh air, Battle is an ideal place for you to visit. The Battle town tour is a long and winding walk through all of the town's historic sites, and you can sit and watch a cricket match on the expansive green spaces, take a picnic into one of the many parks, or take a stroll through the impressive Great Wood on the outskirts of the town.

For museums, Battle has an impressive collection. Few are better than 'Yesterdays World' – a beautifully kept 15th century house containing all the wonders of the past that have been found or preserved in Battle and the surrounding areas.

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