Memory Foam Mattresses In Bristol

Bristol is, without a doubt, one of the more unique and interesting smaller cities in Britain. It has a bit of everything – from elegant and beautiful Georgian suburbs in the form of Clifton, where you can sip wine in fashionable bars overlooking the stunning Avon Gorge, to down-at-heel chic in the unusual bars, nightclubs and independent shops on Stokes Croft and Gloucester Road. Bristol may appear to be something of a city of extremes to visitors to the city – where else can spend the day shopping in elegant boutiques, before catching homegrown musical and artistic talent in the city's many galleries and music venues or dancing to the latest electronic music in underground nightclubs? However, this is exactly how the locals like it to be, and eclecticism is the order of the day every day for Bristolians.

If you aren't so interested in the city's modern musical culture (this is the home of Massive Attack, Portishead, Tricky and other famous acts), everyone can enjoy the beauty of this historic city, with its mix of 16th century and Georgian architecture. It is difficult not to feel like a little bit of a Pirate as you stroll down by the docks on King Street, with the original rickety Tudor buildings sitting in front of the historic ships. Indeed, the most distinctive pub on the street – The Llandoger Trow – was a favourite hang out of Black Beard, and the inspiration for the pirate's pub in 'Treasure Island'. The natural beauty of the city is also unavoidable. The Avon Gorge is one of the country's finest examples of a limestone gorge, and the forests which grace the side of the valley are a delight to nature lovers, with many species of wading birds making their home on the estuary banks. The Clifton Suspension Bridge, thought to be one of Brunel's most beautiful creations, is an icon of the city which offers unrivalled views, and is a breathtaking excursion essential for any visitor. Of course, Bristol is a hilly city, and should you spend the day walking around it, you'll be all the more in the need for a good night's sleep before heading out again and seeing even more!

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