Memory Foam Mattresses In Burton on Trent

Staffordshire is a beautiful part of England, and the border between England and Wales has plenty to offer its visitors. Rolling hills, stunning views, history, heritage, architecture and culture – it is all here, and all waiting for your visit. In the heart of Staffordshire lies Burton on Trent, and important historical town packed full of attractions which will stimulate your mind and relax your body. Whether you are looking for natural beauty, culture or history, Burton on Trent has all of this and more. In the town centre, you'll also find a great range of modern bars and traditional pubs, perfect for an afternoon relaxing with friends, or for an evening of merriment after a long day of rambling in the countryside. Restaurants and cafés can also be found here by the dozen, and the locals are very fond and supportive of their local businesses. However, it is really the natural beauty of the area that gives the place its fame, and all around Burton on Trent you can find excellent examples of British flora and fauna, carefully preserved and looked after by dedicated local teams of rangers and countryside managers. Amongst the most beautiful are the bluebell woods, which come alive in the springtime in an explosion of vivid blue, and attract families from all around the region.

If you're looking for a bit of history in Staffordshire, then Burton on Trent is an excellent place to start. The area has plenty of historic buildings dating back several centuries, and even in the town centre you can see some lovely examples of British heritage. Amongst the most famous historical sites around Burton is the amazing ruin of Tutbury Castle, an imposing remains of a once formidable prison and keep. Mary Queen of Scots was once and inmate here, and the site is said to be haunted by several famous ghosts. On certain days, historical societies like to re-enact famous battles on the site, and there are also several popular historical festivals and events hosted here, too. Also to be found in Burton on Trent is the much loved Brewhouse Arts Centre, which holds host to all sorts of exhibitions, as well as theatre, music and comedy events. Of course, the city also has some great opportunities for more modern forms of entertainment, too, including a state of the art IMAX cinema, which will bedazzle you with its size and the quality of the film shown there.

Staffordshire is such an expansive space that it can be exhausting to see a lot of it in one day. Of course, by the time you get home, you'll be wanting a nice relaxing bed to lie down in, somewhere that your body will be supported whilst being able to sink into luxuriously. No mattresses offer this quite as well as a memory foam mattress, such as those available from Hypnia. Memory foam remembers your body size and shape, and allows you to gradually create a personalised mould for your body, meaning you'll love to return to your bed at the end of the day. Nothing beats waking up in a memory foam bed, as you'll feel more refreshed than ever, and ready to take on the world!