Memory Foam Mattresses In Cardiff

There are very few cities in the UK which can boast the kind of history and culture which permeates the very streets in Cardiff. The beautiful capital of Wales has it all – a magnificent and imposing castle, museums by the handful, a thriving music and arts scene, pubs, bars, cafés, and the home of rugby in the form of the beautiful and iconic millennium stadium. To walk around Cardiff is to live and breathe thousands of years of fascinating and entrancing history, to see and touch and taste the hub of one of the most ancient, proud and lyrical cultures the world has ever known. As you walk through the cobbled streets of the city centre, it isn't unusual to hear music almost everywhere you go. Cardiff has recently embraced its buskers, and as such, has encouraged everyone from harpists to opera singers on its old and beautiful walkways for the public's enjoyment. Of course, wherever you go, you are never too far away from the enormous red stone castle which dominates the city centre. The castle itself is well worth a visit, although the locals particularly enjoy sitting on the banks of the old moat on a sunny day and watching the world go by. Inside, you'll find a fascinating visitor centre, which will teach you all about the history of the castle and the various people who have lived and worked there.

The most recent pride of Cardiff has been the massive redevelopment of Cardiff Bay, once a fairly derelict industrial site. Now, it is the proud home of some of Britain's most beautiful modern architectural wonders, from the Welsh Assembly building with its stunning woodwork and shape, to the elegant and memorable new opera house, which has attracted worldwide attention in recent years. Elsewhere in the city, you'll find picturesque avenues, Victorian arcades filled with lovely independent shops, and large green spaces for the public's enjoyment. Families always love to visit the Natural History Museum, which has a fantastic exhibition about the prehistoric history of Wales, complete with animatronic mammoths and cavemen!

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