Memory Foam Mattresses In Chapel Allerton

Chapel Allerton is a residential district of the city of Leeds in the north-eastern part of England. It is just 3.2 kilometres from the centre of Leeds.  Leeds is quickly becoming one of the UK’s most cosmopolitan cities and there are plenty of opportunities for a night out, designer shopping or visiting some of the picturesque countryside which is within easy reach.   

A number of gothic churches can be found in the area, the most notable ones being St. Matthew’s Church and the Methodist Church, among many others. The districts that bound the Chapel Allerton are Moortown, Chapeltown, Roundhay, Gledgow and Meanwood. At Leeds Parish Church, a brass plaque marks the commemoration of Captain Lawrence Edward Oates, a man who died in a blizzard while on expedition to the Antarctic. The expedition was lead by Robert Falcon Scott in the early part of the 19th century. Josiah Oates, who had purchased the Allerton Hall in 1755, happened to be an ancestor of Captain Lawrence Edward Oates. Twentieth Century Fox has previously utilised this historical building for distributing movies in the northern part of England.

Clough House on Stainbeck Lane is one of the oldest houses in the district, dating back to the mid 17th century. It became the Mustard Pot pub in the year 1979 and it is worth a visit for anyone who wants to get away from some of the more commercialised pubs in the city.  The area is much quieter than the city centre and it is a great place for meeting up with family and friends.

What was once the Leeds Board School in 1878 is now Chapel Allerton primary school and this is something of a landmark in the city.  There are plenty of older buildings in this area and it is a great place for those who are interested in family history. 

Headingly is the closest railway station to Chapel Allerton. It provides transportation to numerous locations, making commuting much easier.  A number of bus routes conveniently connect Chapel Allerton as well as many other areas in the area.  Reaching the city centre is easy with the great public transport links and there are plenty of shops and bars there so that you can enjoy both a day and an evening enjoying the party atmosphere of the city. 

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