Memory Foam Mattresses In Dewsbury & Batley

Dewsbury & Batley are towns located in the West Yorkshire area of England. Combined there are just over 50,000 residents in each of these small towns. If you are headed to the area and searching for something to do, check out one of these fun and fabulous favourite activities. 

Set on 36 acres, this former mill owner’s Victorian style house is host to a number of exciting and unique collections. It has been a museum for more than 100 years, and never fails to bring many surprises to those that visit. There are many permanent displays and traveling exhibits as well, plus plenty of fun attractions all throughout the year. You never know just what you will find at the Bagshaw Museum.

If you are looking for a beautiful way to spend the day, Wilton Park is at your beck and call. This park is located in Batley, and features a museum at the entrance. Tennis courts, bowling greens, beautiful flowers and plenty of free space make this park an unbeatable way to entertain your time, especially if there are little ones in your life.

When the time comes to grab a bite to eat, try out the Dixy and Flame Restaurant. This major restaurant is a favourite in the area, serving healthy grilled foods that will warm your heart. There is no dressing up involved, nor will you need to go broke to feed the family.

There is never a wrong time to shop. The Batley Mill provides guests the opportunity to do just that. Featuring  40 stores spread over four floors, The batley Mill offers free parking, restaurants and other entertainment in addition to these great stores. You can find everything under the sun at the Mill, whether you are searching for fashions or home décor.

Legend’s Bar is a well-established bar sitting on Bradford Road. The bar is open every night of the week, with free entry for all before 9:30 p.m. There is an assortment of music and entertainment to be found at Legend’s, and when you are searching for the best late-night fun that can be offered, you’ve found it. There is no better place to be than at Legend’s bar! 

The Dewsbury Town Hall stands in front of the old marketplace in the city centre. It is a Victorian style building, featuring stained glass windows, ornate ceilings and much more beauty, making it a top choice for visitors.

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