Memory Foam Mattresses In Dundee

As one of the largest cities in Scotland, it is no surprise to discover that Dundee has much to offer.  It can be found on the Firth of Tay and the city can be dated back to beyond the medieval period.  Expansion was rapid in the 19th century thanks to industrialisation and the jute industry.  The city prides itself on its contribution to scientific projects and many of the attractions in the town are connected to these in some way.  One example of this is the RRS Discover, the ship which Robert Falcon Scott took to the Antarctic which was originally built in Dundee and now has a permanent home in the city’s harbour area. 

History enthusiasts will love to visit places such as St Mary’s Tower.  This is officially the oldest building in Dundee and can be dated to the 15th century.  Dundee has a series of ‘city churches’, of which St Mary’s Tower is one.  The others include St Clements Church, Old St Paul’s and St David’s churches.  There is not much remaining of the medieval part of the city but visitors to the museums can see some artefacts which date from that time.

Castles are another part of the history of Dundee and there are several to choose from if you want a day out.   Mains Castle can be found in Caird Park and this is dated to the 16th century, having been built on the site of a former hunting lodge which was constructed several hundred years earlier.  Alternatively there is Claypotts Castle which can be found in West Ferry and was also built during the 16th century or some might like to visit the ruins of Powrie Castle, found north of Fintry.

For more modern attractions you can head over to Albert Square where you can find the McManus Galleries.   There are plenty of artefacts here from all periods of the city’s history and these include many natural history artefacts.  Some might like to visit Balgay Hill to see the observatory there or there is the Sensation Science Centre which aims to bring science alive with the use of a variety of interactive exhibits.  This is a particular favourite among children.  To find out more about the jute industry the Verdant Works museum will tell you everything that you want to know.

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