Memory Foam Mattresses In East Glasgow

East Glasgow is one of seven constituencies of the British House of Commons for the city of Glasgow, Scotland. It contains part of the M8 motorway and is bounded by the city border. East Glasgow is one of the most lower classes of the constituencies in Scotland. It has a low male life expectancy, only 68 years. This is five years less than the average life span of a Glasgow male and therefore has a higher female to male ratio.

East Glasgow has quite a plethora of community assistance programs to help combat the deprivation of the area. One of the most noteworthy is the Glasgow East Regeneration Agency, or GERA. This agency is a government funded and assisted program that helps local community members become involved with the area by helping city planning and regeneration. This allows local residents to have their input into issues and services such as education, housing, employment, health, safety, youth education and involvement, and more. It is divided into three groups: Community Engagement Advisors, Community Health Initiative, and Youth Development.

East Glasgow has a rich history that dates back to Roman times, who built dividing walls to separate their land from that of the Celtic peoples. The East Glasgow name was first given by the Christian missionary Saint Mungo in the sixth century and much of the area is still populated by those practicing the Christian religion. By the mid twelfth century the area was granted city status and the first stone cathedrals were created to house the growing population's practicing Christians. In the mid fifteenth century, the University of Glasgow was founded and East Glasgow became an important religious and academic centre, known all over the world.

Many great scholars and leaders came from the area and East Glasgow became a popular tourist destination as well. In the sixteenth century, East Glasgow began a quest to become a trade power. The Clyde waterway became an important method to supply goods and services all over the city and the rest of Scotland as well. In the eighteenth century, the waterway was desalted, allowing even larger and deeper cargo ships to begin supplying people on an international basis. East Glasgow was now known as the second city of the Empire and coal and iron were bountiful, allowing larger and more complex structures to be created.

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