Memory Foam Mattresses In Eastbourne

Eastbourne is a large town in East Sussex, England. It is located between Brighton and Hastings and has a population of just over 98,000 people, according to 2011 data. It is a seaside resort as it has been since 1780 when King George III’s children came for a summer visit. Until the 19th century Eastbourne was an area of small rural settlements.  By the mid 19th century, however, most of the area was occupied by two landlords – John Davies Gilbert and William Cavendish. In 1752 Dr. Richard Russell promoted the medical benefits of Eastbourne and the area became known as “the Empress of Watering Places.” In 1849, after these changes, Eastbourne saw substantial growth.

Nearly the entire seafront of Eastbourne consists of Victorian style hotels and buildings and it is one of the most picturesque parts of the town.  The beach is a pebble beach but still attracts many visitors on days when the sun is shining and there are reasonable temperatures.  There are many seaside attractions available here including the traditional British fish and chips, ice cream parlours and amusement arcades.  The town has a small museum and for those who want to explore the local area there are good public transport links.  

Eastbourne is such a popular resort because of its quiet and quaint charm, the outstandingly perfect climate and elegance that is not found every day. Along with being a popular tourist attraction Eastbourne is also a major area for retirement. More than 60% of the residents of Eastbourne are of retirement age but plenty of younger people come here to spend their holidays and the area is becoming very fashionable once again. 

Close by is the town of Brighton which is fast gaining a reputation as a party town.  The town has many shops and plenty of clubs so is perfect for those who want a night out away from Eastbourne.  Hastings is also a popular seaside option for those who want a quieter resort.  For something a little quieter again there are the cliffs of Beachy Head close to the town, where you can take walks, have a picnic and enjoy the beautiful scenery.  

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