Memory Foam Mattresses In Ely

Ely is a charming town located in Cambridgeshire. There are just over 15,000 people residing in Ely, a 23 square mile of land sitting on Kimmeridge Clay.  It is a short distance from Cambridge and offers many things for the traveller to see and do.

Since the 12th century fairs have been a big part of the town of Ely. Saint Audrey’s Fair was the first fair to take place in Ely, held in 1189. Presently there are many fairs that come to Ely annually, including one of the most popular, the Ely Folk Festival. The Ely Folk Festival has taken place each year since 1985, bringing thousands of people together to enjoy the old town of Ely and its great history. These are only a couple of the numerous fairs and festivals that take place in Ely and there are plenty of others for those who have different interests. 

If you are interested in a church visit, the Ely Cathedral Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity is one trip to make. The diocese of Ely was created in 1108, with construction of the church one year later. It opened in 1189 after being under construction for 116 years. In 1322 the church collapsed and was rebuilt once again, this time with completion in 1352. This Cathedral is one of the most beautiful that you will ever set eyes on.

The Stained Glass Museum is yet another must-see attraction. This museum presents stained glass from both historical and present times. There are numerous displays, as well as videosto explain the importance and the use of the stained glass.  This popular attraction brings in visitors from all over the country and it is an unusual place that is worth the trip.   

The Hereward Pub is also an attraction that you cannot miss. Located just 2 miles from the city centre, this watering hole offers a friendly, relaxing atmosphere in which one can enjoy sipping on a few drinks and conversing with friends at the same time.

Jubilee Gardens, located near the Hereward Pub, is a great place to see the beauty of Ely. There is always something fun and exciting going on at Jubilee Gardens and it is a perfect place to go if you have children. Along with enjoying the beautiful trees, colourful flowers and exotic plants, Jubilee Gardens offers all that you need for a perfect picnic and day in the sun. 

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