Memory foam mattress Glasgow

Glasgow, along the scenic River Clyde, is one of the largest and most prominent cities of Scotland, located in its central region. Along with Bologna and Seville, Glasgow is a premier ‘City of Music’, as certified by UNESCO. With unlimited access to the central museums, parks and islands, Glasgow is the perfect holiday destination for the budget traveller.

Glasgow Cathedral is a beautiful structure in the centre of the city featuring a large cemetery behind it, named ‘The City of the Dead’, but visitors who prefer their attractions less on the macabre side might prefer to take a trip to The Lighthouse, which is an imperial building extending to around seven storeys that currently houses the Museum of Arts and Architecture. The viewing platform is on the seventh storey and offers amazing views of the city's skyline.

Celebrated for its peculiar design and structuring, the Tradeston Bridge is a notable attraction in Glasgow. The S-shaped bridge slithers across the River Clyde and offers its visitors a serene ambience as they stand underneath it, oblivious to the traffic buzzing overhead.

For an oasis of tranquillity you might want to try some of the gardens in the city. Built in the late 18th century, the Royal Botanical Gardens of Glasgow has a wide variety of plants, splendid rococo designed structures and delightful walkways within the site. It also houses the Kibble Palace greenhouse that features imported exotic floral plants. Amongst the largest of all the public gardens in Glasgow, the Glasgow Green Park is an important landmark in the city as it houses many marvels in its midst. There is the famous Peoples’ Palace, the Nelson’s Memorial and the majestic fountains in the center. Overall, the Glasgow Green Park is a refreshing green lung of the city worth a leisurely stroll.

One of the premier art schools in the world, the Glasgow School of Art is located on a tiny hilltop overlooking the city and is expertly designed by eminent architect Mackintosh. The Mackintosh Gallery is an important attraction as are the lawns and the overall ambience of this Art School. You would need to book a guided tour here but it is well worth the effort.

Another popular attraction of the city houses a real-time miniature of the famous Spitfire aircraft amidst its arresting structure is the Kelvingore Art Gallery and Museum. There are masterpieces by Salvador Dali and furnishings by Mackintosh that occupy pride of place. The city has long been associated with a number of famous artists and this is a great place to find out more.

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