Memory Foam Mattresses In Hampshire

Hampshire is a beautiful county in south-east England and houses a number of fabulous cities like Portsmouth, Winchester, Greywell and many others. Blessed with a beautiful coastline and picturesque forests, Hampshire has its fair share of contemporary features too.

Take a trip to Portsmouth to the 170 metres tall Spinnaker Tower. This is an extraordinary structure resembling a sail being driven by the wind. It also offers breathtaking views from three levels in the tower – the last and the best level being the very top, from where you can see miles and miles of the sea but you do need a head for heights.

There are miles and miles of walls around Southampton that were used as a fortification around the city. Today, they serve as a beautiful walking trail site around the area with some picturesque views along the way. The trail leads to Bargate, a famous monument and it would be a shame to spend time in this part of the world and not see it.

Featuring the longest Gothic nave in the world, Winchester Cathedral was supposedly built on tiny rafts on marshland. The cathedral is an arresting structure with a charming shrine. Once here, you must look at the Winchester Diver monument and take the chance to find out more. The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra is organised in the Cathedral every year. This is also reportedly the home of the round table of King Arthur.

What was once excavated for gravel extraction in the past is now flooded with groundwater and is a natural pond, featuring a variety of exotic species. The Lakeside at Eastleigh is therefore a wonderful fishing and bird watching place in the local countryside and it is perfect for a day away from the busier parts of the county.

The historical Parish Church at Bishop Stoke, apart from being a charming place of worship, is also a Witch Trial haven where the infamous John Bale would preach his sermons and conduct his nefarious sessions. Eerie though that may sound, today the parish Church is a popular heritage attraction and ideal for those who want to find out more about a different side to the history of this region.

Hythe Pier is one of the tallest piers in Europe. The Pier was constructed in the early 19th century and made use of cast iron. Today, there are narrow-gauge railway tracks that are used for excursions to the pier and these trips are popular with both locals and tourists.

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