Memory Foam Mattresses In Harpenden

Primarily a residential community in Hertfordshire, Harpenden enjoys close proximity to the suburbs of London. Though its quiet row houses and gated communities are the hallmark of Harpenden, the town gives you many more delights in the form of beautiful scenery. This part of the world is somewhat underestimated when it comes to things to see and do, but a quick look will show you that there is more to Harpenden than meets the eye.

The largest church in town, St. Nicholas Church provides not only daily choir services but is also used to host several concerts and regional assemblies. The beautiful medieval European design coupled with the majestic domes and gardens make St. Nicholas Church a must-visit attraction. A trip to the town’s war memorial is also recommended. Dedicated to all the martyrs who died in World War II, the Church Green War Memorial is located just a few miles away from St. Nicholas Church and is an important monument in the town.

Situated along the River Lea that flows eastward into Harpenden, the Bratford Springs Natural Reserve area is a fun place for kids and adults with a wide range of things to see and do. In addition to spending the day with a leisurely stroll in the green grasslands, you can go bird spotting or simply enjoy a picnic together.

More like a town square in the middle of the town, Harpenden Common is home to Harpenden Golf Club. All roads through Harpenden go past the Common which has become something of a meeting place for the locals. Featuring top-class restaurants, bars and pubs as well as a range of shops, Harpenden Common is a wonderful place to shop or simply sip coffee and look out on the world.

The western side of Harpenden is home to the gigantic Rothampstead Manor which was a mansion that belonged to Sir John Lawes and now is a national heritage site open to the public. Take a guided tour and find out more about the house and the people who lived there. Around the manor there are Rothampstead Parks which have plenty of play options for children as well as beautiful gardens and interesting walks.

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