Memory Foam Mattresses In Harrogate

A town known for its rich and famous, Harrogate is a spa town in North Yorkshire. In the 1500s it was nothing more than a small village, but today Harrogate serves as a popular tourist attraction for those on holiday, as well as a top spot to live for those who seek luxury and the highest standards.

With such a number of fantastic things about Harrogate, there is no wonder it is a favourite among so many. Its immaculate beauty can be found from one end to the other, with beautiful greenery, magnificent countryside’s and elegance combined.

As a spa town, the spa waters are one of the main attractions of the town. Made popular in the 17th Century, William Slingsby discovered the waters in 1571. The properties of the spa waters were linked to the springs of the Belgian town known as Spa. Harrogate's famous spa waters were believed to be one of the very best health treatments available to man. The Royal Pump Room Museum is a perfect opportunity to discover these waters. Built in 1897, this museum reflects the Victorian era and allows guests to sample the waters as well as visit the pump and wells.

Shopping is another favourite event for Harrogate residents and tourists. No matter where you shop in Harrogate you can expect only the best in labels to meet your eyes. High-end retailers are all the rage in Harrogate and an endless number of stores can fulfil all of your shopping desires. The Victoria Shopping Centre is a top choice for shopping.

Bettys Café and Tea Rooms are also popular in Harrogate. Located on one of the main roads in town, Bettys Cafes are known as the heart of the city and a popular choice for visitors and locals alike.

Do you enjoy creating your special times outdoors? With the many Harrogate parks and gardens, finding a special time outdoors will be simple. Take Fido for a run, head out for a game of football with the kids or pack a picnic for the special person in your life at one of the great parks or enjoy beauty in all colours at botanical gardens such as Valley Gardens.

The Mercer Art Gallery is also another of Harrogate’s most stand-out attractions. Inside of this beautiful gallery you will find more than 2,000 works of 19th and 20th century art, displayed most beautifully and with something to meet the interest of all.

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