Memory Foam Mattresses In Harwich

Harwich, on the north East coast of Essex is a lovely spot for a short break. There is plenty to see and do even for those with children of all ages. The beach at Harwich is usually free from crowds who tend to flock to the more popular better known seaside towns. This means it is possible to enjoy a nice relaxing sun bathe, depending upon the weather of course, and a dip in the sea. The beach has been given Blue Flag status for its cleanliness, and when you are bored of sandcastles and mud pies you can head to one of the nearby amusements.

The Harwich beachfront is filled with amusement arcades, fish and chip shops and ice cream parlours. As a matter of fact it is a typical English seaside town although small in scale. Being a coastal destination you are almost guaranteed that the fish served in the restaurants will be the freshest possible therefor really good value for money. Have fun with the whole family and enjoy a nice sedate game of crazy golf after lunch.

Not taking in to account the Navy Yard Wharf, the rest of the town has been classified as a conservation area. This helps to keep the unspoilt beauty of the lovely little town intact. There is some marvellous architecture on the buildings and some are believed to date back to the 1600’s.

Many visitors to Harwich head to the Ha’penny Pier. This dates back to the mid 19th century and served as a jetty for those travelling to and from Europe on the paddle steamer. Anyone who wanted to use the pier to see off a boat would need to pay a half penny to do so. These services were discontinued following the First World War and the pier is now much shorter than it used to be after a fire in the 1920s. There is a foot ferry which leaves from here and takes passengers to Felixstowe and Shotley but many people come to simply sit and enjoy the views while trying some of the locally caught seafood from the little pier cafe. Make the most of an old seaside tradition and spend some time on the pier at Harwich.

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