Memory Foam Mattress Inverness

Inverness is the capital city of the Scottish Highlands. Located in the northern part of the UK, the city is situated on the mouth of the River Ness and the southwest extremities of the Moray Firth. It is also nestled between two important battle sites, the Blar nam Feinne and the 18th Century Battle of Culloden. It has been noted that settlement of Inverness was known as far back as the 6th Century.

It was not until 2000 and 2010 that the population of Inverness would be considerable. During these 10 years Inverness grew at a rate of 14.1%. In 2010 the population of Inverness was 59,000 people. This gives Inverness the claim of being the fastest growing European cities.

High tech industries make up most of the economy in Inverness. Replacing manufacturing and other such industries, these days’ individuals are more inclined to find health care centres and other types of businesses in Inverness.

Education has always been important in Inverness. There are more than 12 primary schools in the city, as well as 5 specialised institutions and one private. These schools provide quality education from highly-trained educators. There is a college in the area as well, the Inverness College. More than 8,500 students attend this higher education centre each year.

Many special events cater to the lifestyles of those in Inverness, including the Northern Meeting. An annual event taking place in September, this event brings the city’s love of bagpipe music together with those who play it the best. This is an entertaining, lively event that draws in quite the crowd.

Highland Games are also a featured Inverness event. Taking place over two days in July, the first ever event took place in 2006, and since time has been a tradition that those far and wide have come to know and love. There are numerous events taking place during these games.

There are two music festivals in Inverness each year. The Rockness festival and the Tartan Heart Festival both bring people from all over to enjoy a variety of music from all genres, though they focus on popular Inverness style music (rock, metal, grunge, etc.)

There are three football clubs in Inverness, and a local Rugby Union Team is also in the area. Highland HC, the local hockey team, offers sports fans both men and women’s teams, and recently golf has become a favourite sport of many.

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