Memory Foam Mattresses In Kendal

Located 50 miles south of Carlisle on River Kent, Kendal is the third largest settlement in Cumbria with 27,505 people calling the area home. Kendal is a large centre of tourism with thousands of people visiting annually.

Some of the things that have made Kendal popular include:

The Kendal Mint Cake is an accidental discovery that has made the area of Kendal economic and social growth. A glucose-based peppermint flavoured confection, the cakes are said to be a good source of energy. They are popular among many, with a particular interest from climbers. They taste great and those who eat them swear that they truly work. The cakes were created in 1869 by Joseph Wiper. He began making them in a small factory upon his discovery, and they are still in production today, along with three other companies making their own version.

The production of snuff dates back to 1792 and continues to provide Kendal success.  Snuff produced in the area is used all across the world, and there are several companies that produce these high-quality snuffs for various clients. Other tobacco products are also produced in Kendal as well.

It is estimated that nearly 12 million people visit the Lake District of England each year. Of those people, around 4 million will travel to Kendal. Tourism keeps Kendal alive and thriving in the country, and maintains the highest of entertainment and attracts for the entire family.

There’s never a bad time to visit Kendal! There is always something going on to entertain you. If you enjoy music, a June visit will bring you just in time for Kendal Calling, 3 days of music, music lovers and fun. There are 11 stages at Kendal Calling with numerous acts pouring out non-stop music action.

Held each September 22nd, the Annual Kendal Torchlight Carnival brings over 2,000 people to the city centre to enjoy more than 100 floats, dancers, street entertainers and more. Before the carnival begins there are plenty of festivities taking place as well.

Kendal is a city that England is proud of, and one that can be enjoyed any time of the year. Should you be planning to take a holiday, Kendal should be on the list of destination choices, if you enjoy having an amazing time.

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