Memory Foam Mattresses In Kidlington

Kidlington is located between the River Cherwell and the Oxford Canal. It is a large village sitting 8KM north of Oxford. It is a contender as the largest village in England, with a population of more than 17,000 residents. Being so close to Oxford makes it an ideal place for those who work on the city to live and enjoy a short commute to work.

Sports are of great importance in Kidlington. The Kidlington Football Club is the most popular football team within the area, and plays inside and outside of the village. It was founded in 1909 and consists of a reserve team, a youth team and a veteran’s team. In addition the Kidlington Royals Football Club is a Saturday team in the area, founded in 2004. The Kidlington Old Boys football club began in 1999 and the Gosford All Blacks in 1956. Each of these football teams brings unique ideas and playing techniques to fans far and wide.

Another sport also sees its fair share of time from those in Kidlington is cricket. The Kidlington Cricket Club has been a long-standing club, founded in 1837. Numerous cricket events take place within the Cricket Club every year and many people list themselves among members of the club.

Despite its small size, Kidlington presents numerous activities for all. There are many outdoors adventures that await any day of the week, from hiking to camping and enjoying beautiful picturesque backdrops as you hit the park or climb a mountain. Families, couples and individuals can all find a great number of things to do whenever the mood strikes.

Day trips are also a fun pastime of residents and tourists alike. Numerous cities are within a short distance of Kidlington, providing the perfect opportunity to get out and explore so much more within a short distance.  No matter what direction you head there is plenty to see and do- and you can return back to Kidlington by the end of the day!

Oxford is a great place for a day out from Kidlington. From the village you can be in the city centre in around 10 minutes, enjoying all the wonderful shops and restaurants this popular spot has to offer.

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