Memory Foam Mattresses In letchworth

Letchworth Garden City was founded in 1903 as the world's first Garden City.  It is based on a design by Ebenezer Howard, and now the city is a commercial, industrial and residential town housing about thirty four thousand people, as well as visitors from all over the world.  First Garden City Ltd brought one thousand and six hundred hectares of four thousand acres of land for agricultural practices in the three nearby towns of Letchworth, Norton and Willian.  It was also a town of good communication being near to the Great North Road or the A1, as it is known today and the Kings Cross to Cambridge railway. 


The layout and style of the new town was put up for competition in 1904, which was won by two architects Barry Parker and Raymond Unwin.  The town was design featured the railway in the centre, so as there was a north and a south town.  This was so that industrial and residential areas could be kept separate to keep the wind-blown smoke of the chimneys away from the houses.

First Garden City Ltd was taken over in 1960 and the Letchworth Garden City Corporation was created by the 1962 Act of Parliament.  In 1995, Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation took over the estate to keep it running for the sake of the town’s residents.

In 1975 the new pedestrian precinct and traffic calming was started making shopping in the area a pleasure, which is what Ebenezer Howard wanted for the city.  The three screened, or possible four as another was planned, Art Deco Broadway Cinema is the only one in the district.  Since 1906 Howard Park and Howard Garden has been open to the public.  If you have soaked all the town’s history and you want to unwind why not try Leisure Centre on Baldock Road that was built in the 1980s.  If the weather is warm, try out the open-air swimming pool, or a game of tennis.

A rarely seen Letchworth black or melanic squirrel, the town’s mascot, likes to reside in the Garden City.  First spotted in 1944, and have now spread to surrounding areas the squirrels are actually a native version of the grey squirrel, which was imported to this country.

Across from the Broadway Gardens is an Edwardian building.  This is Letchworth’s Museum and Art Gallery.  It has four galleries, one being downstairs on the local wild life where you can learn more about the black squirrel.  There is another small gallery for the Mezzanine that has monthly exhibitions of different topics.  In the main gallery, there is a display on what goes on within the museum itself.  Tired after your day out, but cannot sleep, try a memory foam mattress.

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