Memory Foam Mattresses In Lytham St Annes

Lytham St Annes was originally known as St. Annes on Sea, and was eventually named after the Squire of Lytham.  He developed the west end area that only had a railway, a lighthouse and some farms and cottages.  Road links to nearby Blackpool brought in many new residents and businesses.  St. Annes Road was named after the Parish Church in 1885.  Lady Eleanor the wife of the squire paid for the churches upkeep.  In 1874, the small spire was rebuilt into the grand tower that you see today. 

In 1874 Elijah Hargreaves, wealthy cotton merchant, saw great potential in the town and built the St. Annes Land and Building Company, which eventually became the centre of the town.  Unfortunately, this was burnt to the ground in 1974.  On 1875, the first hotel was built, known as the St. Annes Hotel.  The construction of the pier began in 1879, and in June 1885, the Lord Derby opened it.  The Moorish Pavilion was the only shelter at the far end of the pier, built in 1895 with a Tudor style entrance that you can still walk through today.  After another fire destroyed the Floral Hall that was used for concerts and operas, at the end of the pier was taken down, as it was becoming far too dangerous.  Among the celebrities that entertained us, there were Bob Monkhouse, Russ Conway, George Formby and Gracie Fields.

The lifeboat statue was built in May 1888 to remember the crews that died in December 1886 whilst on a rescue mission in the Ribble estuary.  The old lifeboat station is now a funeral directors.  Richard Cookson got a lease from the squire in 1805 to build a windmill on a plot of land that was to be called windy milne.  The residents of town decided that the windmill in 1860 was an eye sore.  Unfortunately, there was a gale in 1919 that turned the sales causing sparks to fly as they fought against the strong brakes holding them in place and the interior was destroyed by fire.  In 1989, the windmill was re-built, and was declared a grade II listed building by the Heritage Group, allowing visitors to go in and look free of charge.  In 2010, the latest damage on the windmill.  Due to high winds that build up over the sea the sails, keep breaking off.  The council are continually trying to save and restore the landmark.  If you are planning on travelling home again, after your day out you better home that you have a memory foam mattress waiting for.

The memory foam mattress is available to give people with aching limbs a peaceful sleep.  It supports the pressure points; by aiding goo blood circulation to relieve those tired muscles.  The products come in varying densities depending on the comfort your body requires.  Also available are toppers that go on top of the mattress for extra support ad memory foam to support a stiff neck or tired muscles.  The mattress also has Visco, a type of elastic, to keep the products durability, which enables it to spring back in shape after rising repeatedly.