Memory Foam Mattresses In Midsomer Norton & Radstock

Midsomer Norton had its own Urban District Council up until 1933, which was set up in the Town Hall.  It was lost due to A Local Government Act of 1929 that reduced the amount of units in the area, just because the local government wanted an easy shape and size as well as shared shops and water systems.  There was much opposition and a bad dispute at the time about the join.  The two areas still see tem selves as individuals.  The arguments between the two councils still continues today.

Midsomer Norton and Radstock has been classed as a market town.  Radstock itself is a former coal-mining town that has been preserved well.  Visitors to Radstock Museum can surround themselves with history of the industries and social events of its time.  On a nice day, you can relax by the brook on the memorial park, or watch your children play in the play area of Tom Huyton Park.  In Radstock, there are many trails you can walk along, like the Miners and the Black Mountain in the countryside or visit the historic villages that are all around.  Midsomer Norton came on the map during the Iron Age just between Bathe and the Mendip Hills. The Midsomer River runs straight through the town centre.  Three are also many historic landmarks and a variety of shops, then when you are in need of a rest sit in Hollies Garden and drink in the atmosphere.  On the first Saturday of every month, a Farmer’s Market is help in the Methodist Church that consists of a great selection of home-grown fruit and vegetables, as well as cheeses and quiches made by hand.  The town’s people themselves are all very friendly, and no matter you   your wander, you will always be made to feel welcome.

The small Nunnery Castle, is surrounded by a moat, and built around 1370 by a local knight named Sir John de la Mere.  Sir John based the architecture on the style of French buildings of that time.  The king of the sixteenth century lived there during the Civil War.  It was hit by cannon fire in 1645, but did not fall into the moat until Christmas Day in 1910.  The moat was eventually cleared of the debris, so that is splendid towers and walls bring the historic feel back to the area.  Remains of a nunnery have been found, and the English Heritage Society believes that this is where the village’s name came from.  Just think how many aches and pains these workmen would have after clearing the moat by hand.  A memory foam mattress would have been ideal for them if they existed.

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