Memory Foam Mattresses In Muswell Hill

At least one hit song released in the 1970s mentions Muswell Hill suburb, located about 13 kilometres north of the city of London. Eighty’s band Madness, mentions Muswell Hill in their 1982 hit song “Driving in my car”. Nevertheless, the history of this town can be traced back to the 12th Century. Then, it was under the authority of the Bishop of London, who owned the area.

There is evidence suggesting that the Romans settled in the area before the arrival of the Bishop of London, although it remains unclear how long they stayed for in the area. What is known though is that they left coins found near Muswell Hill Road as evidence that they were there.

After the civil war, and under the stewardship of the Bishop of London, Muswell Hill started its development although its hilly nature discouraged the establishment of land for agricultural purposes. By the 18th century, Muswell Hill had developed into an Edwardian village with villas on huge tracts of land. Writers, politicians and businesspeople escaping urbanisation and seeking a rural retreat began setting up home in Muswell Hill. Soon enough, schools and chapels began to mushroom.

In the 17th century this suburb attracted famous names such as Sir Julius Caesar, Master of the James I, and in the following century, Sir Topham Beauclerk was to become a distinguished resident of this village.

The Bishop of London gave away 65 acres of land to an order of nuns, who built a chapel they later named “Our Lady of Muswell”. The chapel later disappeared when Henry VIII dissolved religious houses, but the administration of the land remained with Clerkenwell Parish until 1900.

Muswell Hill’s contemporary suburban development began in the late 19th century, following the opening of a branch line railway connecting to Finsbury Park and King Cross railway stations. James Edmondson bought 30 acres of land, which he developed into retail parades, attracting middle class residents. The 20th century came with the development of a music hall and an art décor cinema. Another developer W.J Collins helped spur growth by building over the Fortismere and Firs Estate.

Muswell Hill has been featured in films and TV series such as Porridge. To this day, it maintains its Edwardian character and remains one of the most sought after residential areas in London. Interesting attractions include the 80 hectares Alexandra Park, Alexandra Palace and the Oliver Tambo Memorial Statue at the Albert Road Recreation Ground.  The prisoners of Porridge would have to sleep on very uncomfortable beds due to the mattress.  Don’t you have the same problem treat yourself to a memory foam one.

These mattresses get softer as they warm from your body heat, gently moulding around your sore joints and muscles.  These sore parts of the body are usually called pressure points, such as hips and shoulders.  The mattress gently eases the soreness so that when you wake in the morning you are refreshed and ready for the day a head.