Memory Foam Mattresses In Perth

The Scottish city of Perth boasts, lying in the centre of Scotland boasts a rich history dating back to middle ages. Its history can be traced back to the 12th century when King David made it a burgh or town. There were probably settlers in the area before this period, but not much of it is recorded. The city was known to be a busy inland port in the middle ages, exporting hides, timber and fish. It had modelled itself as a manufacturing post, with wool and leather industries flourishing. Between 1296 and 1313, Perth was occupied by the English. In 1304, they ordered stonewalls around Perth, which were later destroyed by the Scots who took over in 1313.

Trade was thriving then. Leather was used to make gloves and shoes. Craftsmen known as horners used cow and goat horns to make spoons, combs and ink wells. There were also butchers, bakers and blacksmiths. Middle Ages Perth boasted five hospitals where monks looked after the poor and the sick.

In 2131, the Dominican friars arrived in Perth. They went out to preach and help the poor. They were followed by the Carmelite white friars in 1260. Those were followed in 1460 by Franciscans, also known as grey friars. A monastery was founded by Carthusian monks in 1429.

Perth is considered as one of the birthplaces of the Scottish Reformation, when Scotland made its official break with the Papacy in 1560. Four years earlier, 6 people had been executed for Heresy. However, in 1559, Scottish clergyman John Knox delivered a rousing sermon in St John’s Kirk claiming the mass was idolatry. The audience rebelled against his sermon, smashing the high altar and destroying friaries and monasteries. Following the reformation St John’s Kirk, the new church, was divided into 3 separate kirks.

The 16th and 17th century saw the continued growth of the leather industry.  Nevertheless, alongside this trade, were weavers and fullers. The metal industry also developed, with goldsmiths, silversmiths and other craftsmen working with pewter, a soft metal alloy. When guns became common, gunsmiths also joined other traders. In the late 17th century, the linen industry became the key economic driver in Perth. A hospital named after King James VI was built in 1569 and a new bridge was constructed in 1616.

18th and 19th centuries saw Perth grow and prosper, thanks to the growth of the leather and linen industries. Whiskey distilling also became a major industry.  Modern day Perth thrives on whiskey distilling and the insurance sector. In 2012 Perth was made a city and boasts a population of 43 000. This vibrant city maintains part of its medieval heritage with structures such as St John’s Kirk still a major part of the city.  Are you ready to fall in to bed, after a hard day’s work, to ease away those aches and pains.  Make sure you have a memory foam product to do just that.

These products include mattress, topper and pillows.  All the range does the same job, just on a different area of the body.  The mattress will aid comfort to the legs and body, while the pillow will ease away stress in the neck and head.  Get up the next morning feeling like you have had a good night’s sleep.