Memory foam Mattresses in Redditch

The town of Redditch is situated in North-East Worcestershire 25kn south of the city of Birmingham. It has an unusual history, being most famous for the massive production of fishing tackle and more importantly needles in the 1800s. It’s history as a major manufacturing town have underpinned its success in modern times. It was redesigned and rejuvenated under a scheme in the 1960s aimed at creating new towns using new techniques in town planning and landscaping. The population exploded and the town thrived, with the traditional industries continuing but gradually being replaced by more modern enterprises such as engineering and new manufacturing. The history of the town is explored in the National Needle Museum which looks at the history of the local area in the context of the needle industry that was so crucial to its success and development.

The river Arrow is a popular draw for locals and tourists and Arrow Valley Country Park takes up over 900 acres of open space to create a fantastic green space for people to enjoy. The river leads to Arrow Valley Lake, a huge 30 acre lake which incorporates a range of activities as well as numerous way-marked route walks along the picturesque banks. Cycling is popular in the park as well. A Nature Reserve aims to preserve the local area and educate the people about the importance of the local nature. A Countryside Centre was created and opened in 2000 to further increase local interest in the natural environment with interactive displays, exhibitions, a gift shop and café. The Arrow Valley Country Park also boasts a skate park to encourage young people and throughout the year there are events designed to get young people and families involved in the life of the park.

The town has a reputation for sporting achievement and local clubs include those dedicated to football, rugby, athletics, martial arts, American football, swimming, hockey and roller sports. These prove very popular with the local population. The local schools have a good reputation and transport links are good, making Redditch a great place in its own right as well as acting as a dorm town for the city of Birmingham.

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