Memory Foam Mattresses In Slough

Slough is an industrial town in Berkshire; it is 22 miles from the centre of London making it an important connecting town for London industry. It has an ethnically diverse population of over 122,000 people. The proximity to London means that is has become a popular place for commuters to the city, leading to the development of excellent transport links between Slough and the country’s capital.

Slough contains the largest industrial estate in the UK and it is one of the largest in the whole of Europe, highlighting how important this area is for economic and industrial activity.  Before 1800 the main activity in the town was farming and brickmaking (the bricks for Eton College were made in Slough!). Nowadays, Slough has moved from manufacturing to information-based industry. Factories have been replaced by big companies which have located headquarters in the town; these companies include O2, Mars, PictureTel, Research in Motion, Network Associates and many, many more.

One of Slough’s most famous residents was Sir William Herschel who created a telescope in his back garden in slough and later discovered the planet Uranus. He was also the first person to develop the first true map of the universe. There is a monument to Herschel in Slough to celebrate his achievements.

Salt Hill Park in Slough is an Edwardian park with a host of attractions. It was donated to the town in 1907 and now contains bowling, tennis courts and tennis coaching, formal landscaped garden areas, marked walkways as well as activities for children of all ages including a modern skateboard area and play parks to keep little ones busy and entertained.  Sports in the area include football, with Slough town football club commanding loyal followers. There is also a strong hockey tradition with ladies and men’s teams as well as a popular rugby club. There is an ice rink which is home to the Slough Jets who play in the English Premier Ice Hockey league. The town also has an Olympic tradition, with many talented athletes coming from the ‘Windsor, Slough, Eton and Hounslow Athletics Club’.

Near slough there is a mound known as Montem Mound. This lies on Montem Lane just outside the town centre. This is an ancient monument, although no one is quite sure how old the mound is. This mysterious structure attracts interested visitors.

A busy industrial town means busy people and the stress of a busy lifestyle can affect your health in so many ways. Helping people to relax and stay calm, is Hypnia, a UK based company that is delivering to the Slough area to tempt the people of Slough into bed… a memory foam bed that is! Memory foam has a range of benefits for the stressed out commuter, the busy industrialist and equally, the child who has spent all day enjoying the out of doors. Memory foam cushions and supports your joints, giving you comfort while keeping you positioned perfectly for a long, healthy night’s sleep.