Memory Foam Mattresses In St Albans

St Albans in the only city in Hertfordshire and has been there since before Roman times. The Romans used the settlement and later in the Middle Ages it was given the name St Albans in honour of the Christian martyr St Alban who is reputedly buried under the famous St Albans cathedral and abbey.

The Cathedral and Abbey Church date back to the 1500s. Still used, it is a thriving visitor attraction and you can wander the grounds, explore by yourself or take a guided tour where an expert will show you the sights and give you the history of the buildings. The site continues to draw pilgrims to the shrine of St Alban, venerated as the first Christian martyr of Britain. There is also a café, exhibitions and a gift shop.

The marketplace in St Albans is a busy street market where you can browse over 160 stalls and buy everything from your necessary groceries to handmade products, crafts and local specialities. A farmers market provides fresh local produce to the town. Within the market is the clock tower. This is one of the one of very few English town belfries left, dating to 1403-1412. It was modelled on the clock house at Westminster Palace and is of special historical interest. There is also a vibrant high street if shopping is you thing.

The Verulamium Museum in St Albans looks at the history of the area and is an award winning attraction. It encourages visitors to learn about the city in Roman times when it was named Verulamium. Here you can see beautiful works of art including mosaics and objects from the ancient city. Places and activities are recreated for you to get a real feel of what life would have been like back in Verulamium. The approach of the museum is very hands on so you can experience Roman life in a way you will never forget. Nearby is the only Roman theatre still visible in Britain; a beautiful site that allows you to quite literally walk in the footsteps of the Romans.

Butterfly world is another popular St Albans attraction, drawing people to the colourful gardens and wildflower meadows and teaching them about the wonderful world of butterflies using a tropical Butterfly House. Learn about the life cycle of the butterfly and step into their world.

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