Memory Foam Mattresses In St Andrews

Everyone thinks of golf when they think of St Andrews and it is indeed a major international centre for golf, but there is lot more to St Andrews as well…

The beaches around St Andrews are beautiful, and surprisingly St Andrews is one of the sunniest and driest places in Britain despite being so far north. This means there is plenty of good weather for checking out the beaches, whether you want to bathe, stroll along or take part in sports such as kite surfing or gentler activities such as bird watching. West Sands is a highly popular beach for its miles of golden sand and clean water. The harbour is home to St Andrews Sailing Club and there are scenic walks all around the coast.

St Andrews Castle is a popular attraction, a picturesque ruined fortress by the sea which was one a palace and then a prison. It is over 400 years old and is home to infamous bottle dungeon, an eerie underground journey if you are feeling brave! The Castle has a well-appointed visitor’s centre suitable for all ages so you can explore the history of this impressive place. Other sites of historic interest abound; there is the Blackfriars Chapel, a ruined 16th century chapel which stands proudly, if slightly out of place, in the middle of South Street in St Andrews. St Andrews Cathedral is another, even more impressive partly ruined structure, with an on-site museum containing medieval sculptures. St Rule’s tower at the Cathedral site has wonderful views of the surrounding area.

There are plenty of museums in the St Andrews area, including the Bell Pettigrew which is dedicated to natural history, Victorian style. The British Golf Museum is a huge draw for people travelling to area for golfing. Fans of the sport of all ages will love the collection of memorabilia, information on the history of the game and interactive exhibitions where you can have the opportunity to try out some old golf equipment from throughout the history of the sport. Awarded a 5 star rating from the Scottish Tourist Board, this is one of the premier attractions in Scotland.

St Albans is also home to Craigtoun Country Park where you can enjoy landscaped gardens and a very well equipped play park as well as a café and lots of seasonal events. St Andrews Botanic Garden is a destination par excellence for any lover of flora. Plant sales and over 8000 types of plants make this a must see for fans of horticulture.

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