Memory Foam Mattresses In Staines

Staines is now known as Staines-upon-Thames as of the 20th May 2012. It is a town on the River Thames in Surrey with a population of around 52,000 people. Staines is known unfortunately for a terrible air crash which occurred here in 1972 and there are memorials in the town to the victims, most notably a stained glass window in St Mary’s church.

If you walk along the Thames Path from Staines you will reach Runnymead where King John signed the Magna Carta in 1215.

Hampton Court Palace is a short boat ride away. This is a historic building and was once used by Royalty. It was built around 1514 and has had a succession of renovations, extensions and additions which have created a cumulative effect which is quite unlike any other building. It is a mixture of styles and architectural techniques and as such is a major tourist attraction. It is home to the Hampton Court Palace Festival and the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. Visitors can tour the grounds and enjoy stepping back in time to a very different lifestyle. So many important and influential people have had a hand in the development of Hampton Court Palace into what it is today that it is an education in social as well as architectural history.

Staines is home to the Spelt Horne Museum, a museum which was once a fire station but is now dedicated to the history of Staines and the surrounding area. The museum contains the London Stone, dating from 1285 this used to mark where London ended at Staines on the River Thames. There is also Roman history explored in the museum as Staines was once a crossing point for the Romans over the River Thames. Going back even further into pre-history, the museum exhibits parts of a woolly mammoth found in the local area. The museum is a worthwhile visit for old and young, examining local history in an interesting and informative way.

Spending time exploring history, enjoying the river walks or just enjoying the shopping is a great way to pass the time but when you get home, you want comfort and relaxation. Hypnia are delivering their fantastic range of memory foam mattresses to Staines and the surrounding area in an effort to allow as many people as possible to try out their memory foam which uses the very latest in technology to provide you with a bed that conforms to your exact requirements. Memory foam is a unique material in that is reacts to your own body and Hypnia believe passionately in the benefits this can bring. Not just to those with pains and aches, although these people benefit enormously, but also to everyone else as well.

By balancing your weight on the surface of the mattress, absorbing the impact of your movements and returning back to its original shape when you move, the memory foam used by Hypnia cushions and supports your joints and most importantly your spine so that you can get a great night’s sleep night after night and wakeup pain free and feeling healthy and refreshed.