Memory Foam Mattresses In Stirling

Stirling is located right in the middle of Scotland and forms a meeting point of the Highlands and the Lowlands. This makes a perfect base for exploring both parts of Scotland. It is a place rich in culture and history with lots to offer whatever you are looking for.

First of all, Stirling Castle is one of the country’s most popular attractions. The Castle has been a fortress, a palace and a garrison. It was the residence of Royalty including the legendary Mary Queen of Scots. Visitors can explore the intriguing and often bloody history of the castle and step back in time to a world of Kings and Queens, battles and sumptuous decoration.

The battle of Bannockburn is one of Scotland’s most infamous conflicts; English troops And Robert the Bruce battling for Scotland’s future. This is where Scotland was won and Bruce is a national hero and icon of freedom. A statue of Bruce is a must see attraction in Stirling, and the battle of Bannockburn can be investigated further at the Bannockburn Heritage Centre. This is an important centre for raising awareness of Scottish history in an interesting way.

There is a lot of military history and a rich heritage tradition all around Stirling, but there is also a focus on the Arts, and at the Concourse Gallery the best of Scottish art of the 20th century is combined with a very wide ranging collection of paintings, tapestries and sculptures. The gallery is particularly proud of its collection of work by J.D Ferguson, an important Scottish artist.

Getting some exercise in the fresh air of bracing Scotland is easy in Stirling, with a range of ghost tours, walking tours and quiet walks for you to enjoy a meander through the city. Getting closer to nature is simple as the city is so close to the tempting Highlands. If you want something in between, visit the Trossachs, a range of hills which are not as challenging as the Highlands but can still offer a challenge to people of all abilities. Make your way towards the beautiful Loch Lomond or find a quiet pub to rest your weary legs… the space, fresh air and fantastic views make the area surrounding Stirling as much of a draw as the city itself.

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