Memory Foam Mattresses In Stockport

Stockport is a town that forms part of Greater Manchester. It is around 10km away from the city centre and so it benefits from all the advantages of being part of one of the UK’s most vibrant cities and still has a lot of its own attractions to offer. Many people living in Stockport travel daily, commuting into Manchester for work and as the largest town in greater Manchester, the area has become an important part of the city. It has an impressive population of over 135,000 people.

The Stockport area is an ideal launching point for exploring the Peak District, an amazing landscape comprising a protected area the same size as Greater London! This allows plenty of space for exploration, walking, hiking and enjoying the flora and fauna unique to the area. Stockport itself is a very green area, with half of the area given over to natural landscape, parks and woodland. Enjoy a gentle stroll or a more demanding hike and take in some of the beautiful views; you ill forget how close to the city you are!

The town is bursting with opportunities to explore its rich heritage and a well-appointed range of museums can help you do just that. From looking back on the hat-making tradition of the area in the Hat Works Museum to investigating Air Raid shelters, the possibilities are wide ranging to say to least! If you would like to have a hand on experience of the past then the inimitable Staircase House offers you the chance to get close up with the history of this house dating back to 1460. Boasting very few rope barriers, this is a living museum where you are invited to really feel the house’s rich history for yourself.

To learn more about Stockport, visitors to Stockport Story Museum are given the choice of five galleries where they can see archaeological finds before moving on to medieval Stockport and then learning about how the industrial revolution changed the area. Victorian Stockport is examined and followed by a look at the town over the last 100 years. There are also a range of changing exhibitions and events throughout the year.

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