Memory Foam Mattresses In Streetly

Streetly is a small town 8 miles north of the central area of the city of Birmingham. It forms part of Birmingham Metropolitan area and die to its proximity to the city centre, and the excellent transport links it enjoy as a result, it is a popular area for residents who commute to the city for work. Its closeness to one of England’s major cities is belied by the fact that it is a semi-rural area, enjoying access to the celebrated Sutton Park which attracts over 2,000,000 people every year!

Sutton Park is one of the largest city parks in Europe. It covers a mind-blowing 2,400 acres and boasts a range of landscapes that represent some of the most important and most common land types of the British Isles. It is has been a designated Nation Nature Reserve since 1997 and as well as this important status, it is an SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest). It is also still a working landscape, with cattle grazing and people working the land within the guidelines of the protection of the park.

There are seven lakes, heathlands, wetlands, marshlands, meadowland and extensive woodland. The range of wildlife and plant life is amazing, much of it rare. Lucky visitors may spot wild ponies enjoying the park as much as any other visitor! The whole park is designed to be accessible with a great range of marked pathways so visitors can reach the area they want to engage in a range of activities such as fishing, bird watching, nature watching, orienteering, sports, jogging and walking. There is also a roman road to explore and a range of interesting exhibitions and displays gives you a sense of the history and points of interest as you move around the park. There are a range of tours, guided walks and events throughout the year in the park so that people can appreciate every aspect of this impressive place and get the most out of every visit.

Streelty has its own access point to Sutton Park, making it a really great place to live or visit. Having the wild on your doorstep as well as the city within a stone’s throw makes this a desirable area with a lot to offer. Whether inhabitants are busy with city life or country life (and luckily here they can have both in one day!) they need a chance to relax and recharge. have the solution; they are supplying the Streetly area with their unique memory foam products as part of their mission to improve the sleep habits of the UK. These high quality memory foam mattresses and pillows are designed using the very latest in technology to cushion your joints and spreads your weight across the surface of the bed so that the pressure and strain that leaves you feeling achy and tired when you wake is simple eliminated. A ten year guarantee backs up the quality of their product range and gives you reassurance so you can test out the memory foam promise in your own home and wake up feeling refreshed and rested in a deeper way than ever before.