Memory Foam Mattresses In Swadlincote

Situated in Derbyshire, England, Swadlincote is a busy town which is in fact actually made up of a number of different villages; Swadlincote, Church Gresley, Midway and Newhall with a fascinating past and an exciting future. It is also known as simply ‘Swad’ by the locals. During the Industrial Revolution, the area was mined intensively for coal and clay. As a result, collieries were formed, potteries developed and brickmaking was established throughout the 1800’s. Kilns and chimneys dominated the skyline and the town thrived.

One of the most celebrated results of the clay extraction and industrial development is Sharpe’s Pottery, founded in 1821. There is now a Sharpe’s Pottery Museum where visitors can explore the areas pottery heritage and learn more about the Sharpe’s collection. Have a look at Pottery from the area and further afield as well as learning about how it was made and how the Pottery itself was run and operated.

Swadlincote is set in the The National Forest. Once this landscape was exploited for clay and it now reclaimed to form an expanse of forest and woodland, extending right into Swad with Swadlincote Woodlands Forest Park. The National Forest is a massive project, transforming an area covering over 200 square miles into attractive, sustainable forest. In a time when deforestation is causing environmental damage, this project is working to reverse the adverse effects from other poorly managed forests and the widespread cutting down of trees, helping address climate change and provide traditional natural environments for local people to enjoy. The Wood Fair is an event that celebrates this and aims to get people of all ages involved in the forest project and enjoying wood crafts and activities.

For those who want to try out a very different type of landscape, there is the Swadlincote Ski Slop where skiing and snowboarding fans of all levels of ability can get lessons or enjoy the slopes. There are also a range of sporting clubs including football, basketball and bowls and other activities such as shooting, music groups and choirs.

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