Memory Foam Mattresses In Welwyn Garden City

Welwyn Garden City is situated in Hertfordshire and as a garden city has been carefully planned to keep a good balance between residential space, green space and industrial space. The city is hailed as an example of the garden city theory which is a system of town development originally developed by a citizen of the town. By minimising the impact of the town on the environment and adhering to strict guidelines, the city has been carefully organised and laid out, making it an interest9ing example of town planning initiatives.

Welwyn Garden City has an extensive Roman history and this is best explored in the Roman Baths in Welwyn. While the water is no longer hot enough for bathing and in fact has disappeared from the baths, the Romans left behind some fascinating artefacts. Visit the bath house which is preserved in a steel vault under the motorway and examine the elaborate heating system. The baths aim to provide an interesting insight into our Roman past and prove popular with those interested in the life of the Romans in Britain.

Mill Green Museum contains a very wide ranging collection of artefacts from the local area, including pictures, maps, plans and recordings. The museum also houses collections related to industrial activity in the area and relating to domestic life through the ages. They have a brilliant costume collection which proves very popular and also exhibit fine art and sculpture by local artists of historic significance. New exhibitions are unveiled all the time and collections are always expanding with local people invited to lend and display their own artefacts from the areas past alongside the museums own collections.

The Gosling Sports Centre in Welwyn Garden City is an impressive leisure and recreation space with a golf driving range, a velodrome, dry ski slope and other sports including squash, indoor and outdoor tennis, football, athletics and bowls as well as a gym. Golf lovers are further catered to with not one but three golf courses nearby. These are Panshanger, Mill Green and Welwyn Garden City golf club. The area is popular with golfers and with sportspeople of all persuasions, including those who simply want to take advantage of the tree lined avenues for walks or jogging.

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