Memory Foam Mattresses In Wetherby

Situated at the heart of Yorkshire, Wetherby is a market town within the borough of the city of Leeds. Its location makes it ideal for enjoying the city of Leeds as well as exploring the popular Yorkshire countryside. Lots of community groups and sporting activity make it a popular place to live, attend school and work.

Historically permission for a market in the form of a Charter was given to the Knights Templar by King Henry III in 1240 and so the market tradition was born. This tradition continues with a popular farmer’s market providing local people with fish and meat, fruit and vegetables and breads and delicatessen products.

The popular Wetherby Festival is held annually and showcases the best of local and national music, literary achievement and artwork. There are also guided walks and talks on the local and social history of the area.

The Historical Trail of Wetherby acts as a guide for visitors to the town to learn more about the history and surrounding area of Wetherby. A series of blue plaques gives fascinating insight into some of the buildings along the trail, including a former castle, a water mill, the Shambles, St James Church and the Red Lion Pub. For more information of the history of the town visitors can access information in Leeds Central Library.

Along the River Wharfe there are plenty of walks and areas suitable for picnics. The Bandstand forms a central point and is a popular spot with locals. In terms of shopping, Wetherby is a popular local shopping destination with lots of independent small shops and some quality restaurants and public houses to keep everyone entertained into the night.

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