Memory Foam Mattresses In Wigan

Wigan is a town with a population of over 81,000 people and forms part of the Greater Manchester area. Traditionally a coal producing area, Wigan thrived during the Industrial Revolution and the demand for coal soared. It is estimated that at one stage there were over a thousand coal pit shafts in the Wigan area. Combined with good canal links, this meant that Wigan was an important centre of industry during this time.

Haigh Hall dates back to 1850 and is located just outside Wigan where it sits within the beautiful grounds of Haigh Country Park. This is an expansive park of 250 acres, comprising woodland, parkland and well-maintained planted areas. It is accessible by the public free of charge and there is an information point in a charming gift shop where you can get information and guidance on the park. Locals use the park for walking, jogging and taking in the fresh air.

The Turnpike Gallery is the location of a range of temporary exhibitions, especially contemporary art. Artworks from the local area as well as artists from all over the world are well represented. The gallery caters to the public as well as schools and other groups and organisations. Frequent changes in the gallery program keep it fresh and interesting.

Wigan Pier is one of the area’s most popular tourist destinations and is home to the Heritage centre which gives visitors a sense of traditional life at the beginning of the 20th Century helping give insight into a life in which children left school and went straight into a factory or coal shaft. Wigan Pier Theatre Company tells of the pier of the nearby mill using creativity and imagination. The mill is known as Trencherfield and boasts the world’s biggest mill steam engine which still works and is well worth a visit.

Hypnia is delivering its range of quality memory foam products to the Wigan area to help the people of this beautiful area sleep sound each night. Developed by NASA, memory foam is now the mattress material of choice and with good reason; the material is hypoallergenic so it is perfect for those who are sensitive to dust or those who suffer from respiratory problems such as asthma. It is also incredible supportive so your body is held in a healthy position while it sinks as a result of a reaction to the heat of your body. This essentially means that the mattress responds to your specific shape and weight. You are completely supported without putting any strain on the bones, joints or muscles. Those stiff, achy feelings you sometimes have in the morning? Gone. The feeling that you haven’t had enough sleep, even if you have got the recommended 8 hours? Gone. In fact more and more people are turning to memory foam products to give them the relief they need from a physically and mentally stressful way of life. This is essential in the modern age when we are all under a lot of strain in so many parts of our lives. Memory foam can really make a difference and with Hypnia’s ten year guarantee, there really is nothing to lose, so why not give it a go?