Here at Hypnia we proudly support Backcare – The charity for healthier backs. Hundreds and thousands of people regularly suffer with back pain and Backcare’s priority aim is to reduce the burden of back pain. They want to strive towards this by providing information and education to all people and organisations affected by back pain. They also aspire to fund scientific research into the causes, prevention and management of back pain.

Backcare was originally founded in 1968 by Stanley Grundy who suffered from chronic back pain but at that time there was a lack of information and research in this area. Nowadays there is far more information available that we can put to good use and we no longer have to suffer in silence. Your back is an amazing structure that combines strength with flexibility. It plays a very important part in your body as your spinal column provides postural support to all body parts while at the same time allowing you to move in many different directions.

Back pain can have a major impact on many everyday activities and in many cases it is difficult to completely prevent and manage however there are a number of things you can do to help. It is important to keep your back fit and healthy and staying active is a great way of doing so. Participating in regular activity can really help prevent back pain, this doesn’t mean you need to go to the gym every day just even simple tasks such as hovering, gardening or cleaning will help keep your back active. It is also essential to maintain a healthy eating and drinking diet, not only is a healthy diet good for your general well-being it has also been suggested that drinking sufficient water is important to keep the intervertebral discs hydrated which in turn should help prevent back pain.

Sleeping with back pain can be extremely hard, you can be tossing and turning all night just to find a comfortable position and get some quality sleep. That’s why ensuring you have the correct level of support beneath you is so important. Memory foam has been recommended to help back pain by doctors throughout the world. By moulding to your body shape in response to heat and pressure, it evenly distributes your body weight reducing pressure points and leaving you supported throughout the night, when you move memory foam moves with you helping you stay comfortable. After sleeping on memory foam it also returns to its original shape so you will feel the same benefits night after night. Our Hypnia mattresses have various combinations of viscoelastic foam and reflex base foam so you can find the correct level of support and comfort. We also have a range of memory foam pocket sprung mattresses, our pocket springs work individually to cradle your body and minimise motion transfer. So you can find the right mattress that suits you and helps with your back pain.

Backcare truly is a fantastic charity with up to 80% of the population experiencing back pain at some stage in their life, the number of people affected by back pain is immense and here at Hypnia we want to help with Backcare’s aims and hopefully beat back pain.