Memory Foam Mattresses – Aberdeen

Known as the 'Granite City' as a result of its stark and dramatic architecture, Aberdeen is a romantic treat for the senses, being situated on the stunning Scottish coast. Walking through Aberdeen feels much like stepping back in time, to when Scotland was the wild and wind-swept country. However, the city also offers plenty of contemporary treats as well, as a result of its vibrant cultural heritage and diversity. A haven for hikers and ramblers, Aberdeen is the gateway to the largest and arguably the most beautiful national park in the country, which continually delights visitors with its compelling natural beauty and astonishing panoramic views. However, you don't have to leave the city limits to experience the best of what Scottish nature has to offer, as the city has plenty of beautiful parks and flower gardens which will lull you into a relaxed state as soon as you step into them.

Scotland is famed worldwide for its culture and historic heritage, and Aberdeen is a fantastic place to discover some of the treasures of the country. The city has a great range of museums, which are an excellent excuse for you and the family to increase your knowledge of the places and people that have made the country what it is today. One of the best museums in the city is the Aberdeen Maritime Museum, which excellently documents the city's naval and boating history and the close relationship the people here have with the sea that laps on their dramatic coast. Unmissable for history lovers is the Aberdeenshire Castle Trail, a route which takes in no less than thirteen of the world's most memorable and intimidating castles, a stark and beautiful reminder of the city's military and regal history. Wherever you go in Aberdeen, you'll feel the fresh coastal air on your face, and you can be constantly surprised with the cultural treats that the city has to offer. From vibrant bars and pubs, to restaurants serving the best of Scottish and international cuisine, Aberdeen and the surrounding towns are not to be forgotten in a hurry.


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